LINQ and the AutoCAD .NET API (Final part)

Welcome to the final part of LINQ and the AutoCAD .NET API. In this post I want to briefly summarize the blog series.


Here are the links to the 10 posts:

Part 1 - Motivation
Part 2 – Staying within a transaction’s scope
Part 3 – From a LayerTable to SymbolTables
Part 4 – From tables to dictionaries
Part 5 – ModelSpace | PaperSpace | CurrentSpace
Part 6 – Write operations
Part 7 – Creating objects I (SymbolTables)
Part 8 - Creating objects II (DBDictionaries)
Part 9 – Brushing up the API
Part 10 - Optimizations

Code on GitHub

With the ideas and code from the posts I created a project on GitHub called Linq2Acad. You can find the full source code and some examples there.


The library is still under development. Working with Blocks and Entities works best at the moment. Access to other tables and dictionaries is implemented, but basically untested. Tests and features will be added little by little. I also want to invite you to contribute to the project, by contributing code, ideas or whatever could be helpful to make Linq2Acad a helpful library.